F. Richard Blue, Ph.D., ABPP

F. Richard Blue, Ph.D., ABPP

(American Board of Professional Psychologists)

Clinical Practice

Dr. Richard Blue specializes in individual, couple and family therapy. His focus is Positive Psychology where the emphasis is placed on the strengths and attributes that people have rather than the pathology. His approach is one of empathy and helping individuals change the way that they look at the world. All people will see life's events through their own unique filter. The goal is to change the negative thoughts and feelings to more positive ones. This is done through the therapeutic process of talking and finding positive ways that work for individuals, couples and families. Dr. Blue works with adolescents and adults in his positive approach to change.

Watch Dr. Blue's CNN interview from 3/18/2006 on single mother's decision to have a child by internet acquired sperm donation. Please note that a DSL or faster internet connection is recommended. If you wish to view, click HERE.

Dr. Blue's book is finally here! If you would like a copy, please click here.

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