F. Richard Blue, Ph.D., ABPP

F. Richard Blue, Ph.D., ABPP

(American Board of Professional Psychologists)

The Seminars

Positive Attitude Seminar

-Internal self-talk and how it sets the mood of the day
-Ways to challenge and dispute negative   self-talk
-Strategies to increase positive   reinforcement in order to change thinking   and behavior
Stress affects all of us in different ways. What is it about some employees who can handle so much and still maintain a positive attitude and other employees who only look at what is wrong or negative. It only takes one negative employee to "spoil the lot" for the rest. Developing a more positive attitude is something that can be learned through "Attitude Readjustment." Most people will get into a "rut of thinking" at some time in their life.Unfortunately, they do not have specific strategies for reducing or challenging their negative self-talk that leads to bad morale and poor work performance.

Anger and Frustration in the Workplace Seminar

-How individuals talk themselves into states of   frustration and anger
-The results of unhealthy ways of expressing   anger
-Positive skills of assertion
-Anger reduction techniques
If there is any emotion that is destructive at home and work, it is ANGER. Anger can destroy potentially rewarding experiences and the amazing aspect of anger is that people create it themselves. humans can talk themselves into many different emotional states but none is so harmful to the individual and those around the person as anger. Anger, like attitude is something that is learned and thus controllable. It is definitely possible to change angry thoughts and feeling into more productive and positive ways of looking at the events that caused the angry reaction in the first place.

Positive Communication Seminar

-Ways to reduce stress in order to be a   more effective communicator
-Empathetic assertion skills
-Dealing with the difficult patient or   customer
The ability to maintain a positive attitude and reduce frustration and anger can have a positive effect, not only on the employee, but also the customer and patient. When we stop and think about it, we really work for the customer and patient. Without them, we would not have a job. Learning to be an effective communicator and making the customer feel good about being with you is an absolute necessity if your business or practice is to grow. Developing empathy and good communication skills are behaviors that can be learned through practice, practice, practice.
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